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Does Everybody Need Life Insurance? 5 Reasons to Buy

You probably aren’t among those who need life insurance if no one is counting on your paycheck, but if your death would hurt someone financially, it’s smart to get covered.

You’re married
If you died tomorrow, could your spouse pay the mortgage or rent, car loans and credit card bills without your income? If not, consider buying a policy and naming him or her the beneficiary. Death benefits can pay off debts, help your spouse maintain the lifestyle you built together and cover funeral costs.

You have a child
Buying life insurance is a smart move when you have young kids. If you pass before your children can support themselves, the beneficiary — usually the other parent — could use the money to pay for child care and education, among other needs. You can also set up a trust to hold life insurance proceeds for the children and name the trust and trustee as beneficiary.

You owe money
Co-signers will have to take over responsibility for your loans if you die before you’ve paid them off. To protect your family, friends or anyone else who helped you qualify, buy enough life insurance to pay off your loans and name the co-signers as beneficiaries.

You have a large estate
You can use permanent life insurance, such as whole life, as a tax planning tool if your estate would be subject to federal taxes. Your heirs could use the money to pay the taxes, potentially saving them from having to sell off assets.

You own a business
Life insurance can also protect your business and your family if you die prematurely. Your family, for instance, could use the death benefit to pay off business loans that were secured with personal assets, such as your home.

Contact a PVA Agent near you from our Agent Locator Site  for a free life insurance review to see if your current coverage is doing everything you want it to do. Let’s celebrate Life Insurance Awareness Month by aligning your coverage with your life’s goals!







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