The Pura Vida Way


Through the use of a comprehensive planning process, our highly-trained LTC Planning Specialists will help you determine:



  • Is there a need for long term care insurance?
  • do I have assets to protect?
  • is maintaining my independence as I age important to me?
  • do I want to avoid becoming a burden to my family?




  • Which type of plan will work best for my situation?
  • traditional pay-as-you-go (maximum leverage for the premium, but pure insurance, use it or lose it)?
  • linked-benefit where I get life insurance and LTC coverage together (death benefit and return of premium options)?
  • hybrid where my premiums build cash value (can be used for care, emergency fund, or supplemental retirement income)?




  • Am I healthy enough to qualify for insurance, and if not, what other options do I have?
  • insurance carriers have different underwriting guidelines depending on their particular claim’s experience and we can guide you toward the carrier that is mostly likely to offer coverage for your health situation.
  • if you’re applying from a position of poor health, carriers exist who offer annuity/LTC combination products with limited underwriting, so there may still be an option available.




  • What is the best way to pay for it?
  • monthly, quarterly, annual
  • flexible premiums
  • limited-pay (paid-up in 7, 10, 15, 20 years)
  • one lump sum



The key with Pura Vida Associates is that we provide education, guidance, and expertise for you and your whole family! Our greatest value is not just helping you, but getting into your world and helping all the loved ones around you! We all win when responsible people make good decisions about their future, because those decisions impact generations to come!




There is no fee for our services, but we get paid in two ways:


  • if we provide you with an outstanding experience, we’d ask that you introduce us to people you care about who might benefit from our professional services.
  • if we help you better understand the issue and design a personalized plan of coverage that you understand, you need, and you can afford, we would be paid a commission by the carrier from whom we obtain coverage.
  • we understand that in rare instances, there is really little we can presently do to improve your situation regarding the risk of needing care while you age, and if that occurs, know that it has been our pleasure to have tried to be of assistance!





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