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Your life today is all about choices. It makes sense that you want a range of options when it comes to planning for the future. Building a retirement strategy is about living the way you want to live. That’s why including a long-term care discussion for retirement helps you prepare with a greater sense of security.

Long-term care costs have soared in recent years, and continue to rise. The median annual cost for a private room in a nursing home is projected to increase from $87,600 to $129,669 in 10 years.* The cost of long-term care services provided in the home, at a community facility or in a nursing home generally is not covered by Medicare or other medical plans, and may significantly impact you and your family’s financial resources.

With some thoughtful preparation, you can help protect your savings against the potential risk of long-term care expenses, enabling you to enjoy the retirement you have dreamed – and perhaps also leave your loved ones the legacy you have envisioned.

Contact a PVA Agent near you from our Agent Locator Site  for a free Long Term Care review to see if your current coverage is doing everything you want it to do. Let’s celebrate Long Term Care Awareness Month by aligning your coverage with your life’s goals!




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