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John W. McKernan, CLTC

John specializes in long term care insurance, comparison, and plan design customized to meet your individual needs.  Through PVA Insurance Group he represents a wide variety of insurance companies as an independent Long Term Care Insurance agent Rhode Island License #1047485 selling long term care insurance plans to the residents of RI, MA, CT and NH.  He can assist you in designing an appropriate and affordable plan for you and your family.

He has maintained his Certification for Long Term Care designation since 2005.  John has resided in the Cumberland, RI area since 1986.  He is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross in 1973 with a degree in English.  He has firsthand knowledge of the potentially significant impact long term care can have on an individual and their family.  His practice is focused primarily on the issue of helping families and businesses create a plan and using insurance to fund that plan.  In a caring and supportive way, he provides advice to individuals looking to help protect their hard-earned assets and maintain their financial independence and dignity.  John is also available to give public seminars/sales presentations and group talks in RI, MA, CT and NH on the issues involving Long Term Care in America.

When it comes to the rising cost of long term care, it is important to understand your options. Traditional health insurance is not designed to cover long term care. Medicare was not designed to adequately cover the long term care costs many Americans may face. And, Medicaid (in California, MediCal) may not cover you until many of your assets have been depleted.

Time is a consumer’s enemy when it comes to long term care planning. A future change in health could limit your options.

The time to plan is now. There is an online interactive cost of care tool to help you learn more about costs in your area.


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