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Abbe S Pensack, CLTC

As a long term care insurance specialist, I educate people about the importance of having a plan to protect their assets and provide safety, security and peace of mind. At least 70% of people over 65 years of age will require long term care services at some point. The numbers are staggering. Americans needing long term care will more than double from 12 million today to 27 million in 2050. It is one of the most important components of your life plan.



My Personal Experience

After my father’s stroke our family understood the impact of not having long term care insurance. It caused a substantial financial loss and greatly affected my mother’s health. The stress of caring for my dad contributed to her premature death at 64 years of age. This experience drove me to spread the word about how to ensure that your loved ones receive proper care, their assets are protected and their dignity is preserved.

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With the rising cost of long term care, it is important to understand your options. Traditional health insurance and Medicare were not designed to cover the long term care costs that many Americans will face. Medicaid may be available, but only after you have spent down your assets.

Statistics and numbers aside, the need for long term care planning is not going away. The idea of ignore it, “think about it later” or “that will never happen to me” is really not the answer. Later is now, because you will never be younger or healthier and any future change in health could limit your options.

Five  Reasons  Why  People  Buy

  Long-Term Care Insurance 

  1. BURDEN TO FAMILY: Taking care of people who are chronically ill, can make the caregiver chronically ill.  Long term care insurance allows children to maintain their relationship with their parents by helping supervise their care, rather than providing that care.
  1. ACCESS TO QUALITY CARE: People want access to quality care
    at home or at places of their choice,  with caregivers of their choice.
  1. ASSET PROTECTION: For those with assets, there are two ways you can pay for long term care – your retirement portfolio or long term care insurance.
  1. CONTROL AND INDEPENDENCE:  People want control and independence choosing where they live and the kind of care received.
  1. PEACE OF MIND: Long term care doesn’t bring families together, it tears families apart.  Long term care insurance brings families together and provides peace of mind.



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